Want Better EAM Data? Commit to Business Processes

Business processes play a vital role in data creation. Software gets a lot of attention. But software is a drug. It’s flashy and exciting, and it makes you think that it can solve all your problems. In reality, it just distracts you from the real issues.

If you want better data, you have to put aside your EAM/CMMS software—break your software addiction—and think about the fundamental activities associated with properly managing your equipment. You have to commit to processes.

The quickest way to improve your data is to fix your processes.

An asset management operation runs on processes:

  • Processes for how maintenance identifies, controls, plans, schedules, and completes work
  • Processes for how spare parts are stored, identified, controlled, and managed
  • Processes for how purchases and receipts are made
Work Management
Process is at the heart of maintenance work management—and every other area of asset management.

Software does play a crucial role in today’s lean-and-mean environment, but it’s still just a tool designed to help execute processes. Process creates information; the software just streamlines the process and rolls up (i.e., reports) the resulting data.

Seven steps to better asset management processes

  1. Document your process. (If your process isn’t documented, you don’t have a process.)
  2. Make sure your process identifies who does what, when.
  3. Base your process on industry-accepted and proven methods. (There’s nothing worse than formalizing a bad process.)
  4. Train the folks that are responsible for executing the process. (Everyone in the organization has a role with a set of responsibilities. They should know what they are on the hook for.)
  5. Execute the process on a disciplined and consistent basis. Don’t deviate from what has been designed and agreed upon.
  6. Audit your process to ensure compliance to it. (You can’t shift and drift. You have to stay on the straight and narrow.)
  7. Always look for ways to improve and streamline the process.

At SwainSmith, we’ve already taken care of steps 1, 2, and 3 for you. Our EAM Playbook jump-starts your process development effort and ensures your processes are built on what is tried and proven. Developing sound business process from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. Contact us if we can help improve your practices.