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An ISO 55000 -informed management system for physical assets

Optimize your EAM system with
Enterprise Asset Management Library™

The codes, tools, master data standards, and best practices used by EAM professionals across the globe

The problem is not your EAM software.

EAM/CMMS systems cannot deliver full return on investment without an operating framework of business processes, coding schemes, and master records.
Which is what Enterprise Asset Management Library provides.

EAM Library is comprised of four web-based platforms and tool sets.
Each designed to optimize a specific area of your EAM operation.

Enterprise Asset Management Library

The three essential drivers of EAM success

Value Map™ Assessment
The first step toward better asset management is assessment. Our interactive and comprehensive VMA process creates a roadmap for achievement by identifying gaps between your current EAM system and industry standards such as ISO 55000.
Master Data Library™
Optimizes your EAM implementation with industry-accepted codes and data standards for managing your MRO data and creating actionable insights. Over 2,165 Problem-Failure-Action-Cause codes and 200,000 failure relationships acros 210 equipment classes.
Operating Model™
Help your organizations establish documented best practices for their maintenance, MRO materials management and procurement operations. Our Operating Model™ is software agnostic and provides the foundational practices EAM systems need to be fully effective.
EAM Library is the engine that
makes EAM systems perform.

Like a booster pack for EAM software systems, EAM Library contains thousands of industry-accepted practices, data conventions, KPIs, and more.


A management foundation for your EAM software and your operations

  • Cloud Based for Multi-Site Use
  • Industry Proven and Accepted Business Processes
  • Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities
  • Standardized Failure Codes and Coding Schemes
  • MRO Data Cleansing and Governance Tools
  • Work, MRO Materials Management and Procurement Operations
  • Built on International Standards PAS 55, ISO 14224 and 55000
  • Comprehensive Master Data Libraries
  • Standard Naming Conventions for Asset and MRO Materials
  • Best Practices for EAM Technology Use and Integration
  • Customizable, Downloadable, Brandable, Intranet Hostable

EAM Operating Model™ Samples.

  • Weekly Work Schedule

Synergy Sample 1
  • Inventory Cycle Count Process

Synergy Sample 2
  • Preventative Maintenance

Synergy Sample 3

Let Enterprise Asset Management Library
inform and power your EAM system

Don’t change your software, give it what’s missing. EAM Library provides the complete operating model, data libraries, assessment and governance tools needed for successful, sustainable enterprise asset management.

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Request your Free Synergy™ webinar

Enterprise Asset Management Library is a proven approach to asset management used by Fortune 500 companies, public utilities and other organizations to maximize asset management effectiveness.

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