SwainSmith Unveils Latest Version of EAM Library

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EAM Library Offers An Integrated Suite of Key EAM Solutions

SwainSmith a leading enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions company, announced today that it has released the third and latest edition of its popular EAM Library. For more than 25 years, top-tier organizations around the globe have relied on the EAM Playbook to drive greater value from their EAM software systems and operations. Boasting four innovative new platforms with enhanced functionality and features, the latest version of the platform promises not to disappoint.

“This multi-platform solution offers everything clients need to make their EAM software system perform,” commented SwainSmith President, Tracy Smith.

“The solutions we’re unveiling today dramatically improve EAM software performance. Organizations spend millions of dollars on EAM/CMMS software systems with the expectation that once implemented, asset reliability will go up and costs will come down. EAM systems are built to make this happen, but off the shelf they struggle to do so, lacking many of the key elements that make up their own success – and leaving it up to the organizations to figure what those critical elements are,” explained Smith.

EAM Library offers a complete suite of solutions to address this challenge by providing its users with access to industry-proven data, process, organization and assessment standards. EAM Library provides users access to four powerful new platforms, each designed to assist with a key element of their EAM operation.

The first platform, the Value Map Assessment, helps organizations measure and score their current asset management practices against industry accepted standards, such as ISO 55000. With this feature, users can also track and trend results, and build a gap closure plan- enabling them to execute a reliable strategy for continual systems growth and improvement.

The second platform, CMMS Codes, helps organizations power their EAM/CMMS system with industry proven codes, naming conventions, and classification systems. The platform also includes over 97,000+ problem-failure-codes across 1,300+ equipment classes that drive rich, actionable reporting. These data structures can go a long way in effectively streamlining and structuring an organization’s systems, driving value over time and long-term usability.

A third platform, the EAM Playbook, helps organizations establish industry standard practices, processes, and procedures within their own EAM systems. With the platform, clients can replicate the ISO compliant Synergy™ model to embed consistent and value-added business processes into their own operations.

The fourth platform, Quality Data Manager, helps organizations maintain a clean and structured MRO material master. Organizations can use this tool to manage catalog setup requests and normalize item records prior to entry in the system- creating a user experience that minimizes time and resources spent on maintenance and management.

In addition to these unprecedented new platforms and features, SwainSmith also offers its clients unparalleled customization options, allowing users to create a one-of-a-kind experience to fit any organization’s environment, branding and asset management needs.

As the need for organizations across the globe to adapt and improve their EAM systems becomes more challenging- and even more vital to their overall success- many more may soon be looking to SwainSmith’s revolutionary new products for answers. For organizations that are looking to elevate their current EAM systems, the EAM Library offers a promising set of unique solutions- the impact of which is soon to be proven.

About SwainSmith

SwainSmith is an enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions provider. For over 25 years, we have established a reputation for delivering results that target cost reduction while improving quality, safety, compliance, and uptime. We deliver products and services around the globe to help organizations drive greater value from their EAM software system and operation. To learn more about SwainSmith contact us for details.