We don’t make EAM software, we make it hum

SwainSmith’s asset management solutions deliver ISO-compliant content, resources, and domain expertise to help organizations solve their EAM data and information challenges. See how our EAM Library™ can help make that happen.

SwainSmith is a leading provider of asset management solutions

SwainSmith has helped organizations across the globe establish asset management best practices.

SwainSmith's Clients

SwainSmith solves your asset management challenges with three powerful solutions:

EAM Library Solution
EAM Library™

Access the industry's most comprehensive platform of EAM and MRO best practices. Quickly establish master data, business process and performance management standards.

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MRO Data Solutions
MRO Data

Get the most out of your MRO data with our scientific, best-in-class approach to data collection, cleansing and inventory analysis services.

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Asset Management Systems
Management Systems

Establish an organizational ISO-compliant Asset Management System. We can help you design, implement and improve an asset management game plan.

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A better approach to EAM & MRO

The standard playbook for enterprise asset management is broken. SwainSmith takes a different approach — one that addresses all of the variables needed to access rich, actionable EAM and MRO information.

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