Operational Sustainability and Failure Elimination

Asset Performance Management, or APM, is a collection of work processes that enable process manufacturers to optimize the balance of risk, cost, and availability. One of the work processes within APM is Failure Elimination. You can think of this as “find it, fix it.” Failure Elimination can be visualized below.

The failure elimination strategy involves identifying bad actor assets known to have chronic, recurring performance issues. Root cause analysis is conducted to determine the physical, human, and latent causes of the problem. Based on these findings, recommendations or solutions are suggested to reform these assets. The implementation of these recommendations is closely monitored, and the effectiveness of the root cause investigation is assessed by tracking the performance of the asset over time.

Identification of bad actors is best performed by utilizing information derived from work orders and requests on assets within the CMMS. ISO14224, an international standard, describes best practices for capturing this data. It delivers a well-ordered taxonomy for the assets and structured data capture during work identification and completion stages.

SwainSmith can jumpstart your effort and accelerate your time to value by providing failure codes that embody ISO14224 and are a force multiplier in your bad actor reform process.

Operational Sustainability, LLC provides a set of software modules called OESuite, which guide you through executing this overall process of failure elimination in a continuous improvement manner.

SwainSmith’s libraries and OE Suite work together to eliminate failures, improve asset reliability, reduce risk, and lower costs.

We can give you the data you need to improve asset performance and keep it that way.

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