We make MRO hum.

Lower costs and reduce downtime

We deliver platforms and services to help clients develop and maintain high-performance Maintenance, Repair, and Operation (MRO) data.


We help clients organize and rationalize their MRO data.

MRO Data Collection

The EAM Library provides naming conventions, noun/modifier dictionaries, and classifications that help standardize master data sets. This leads to improved system sorting, grouping, and reporting capabilities.

Key Features

MRO Data Cleansing

Missing MRO part information, duplicate entries, and inconsistent descriptions make it impossible to retrieve accurate, actionable information from your EAM/ERP software system. To gain the full benefits, clean up your data with our quality research and meticulous coding structures.

Key Features

We analyze historical data, while taking into account operationally critical materials, to help you identify the optimum level of MRO inventory to maintain. This saves the organization money and downtime, serving as a win/win for Maintenance and the MRO Supply Chain.

Key Features