MRO Data Governance

MRO Data Governance

Keep Your MRO Data Performing

Utilize our web-based tools and processes to collect MRO data, manage catalog setup requests, and normalize item records before entry into the EAM system.

Standardize and enrich the MRO data to correctly identify maintenance materials, such as pipes, valves, seals, bearings, and supplies.

Our taxonomy, the Noun-Modifier-Attribute (NMA) Dictionary, is the international standard for describing industrial MRO parts and supplies. Our web-based tools and parts cleansing, standardization, and enrichment services give our customers a one-two punch, delivering tangible and sustainable benefits.

Noun Modifier Attribute Dictionary

Utilize our Noun-Modifier-Attribute (NMA) Dictionary, the most widely used cataloging methodology in the world today.

The NMA Dictionary is customizable and contains:

Master Your MRO Catalog

The MRO parts information of many asset-intensive organizations is composed of unstructured “free-form” text, entered in a variety of ways, which results in item descriptions that are incomplete, inconsistent and non-comparable.

Our tools solve this “toxic” data problem through the NMA Dictionary. Once implemented, our customers begin realizing the benefits of structured, accurate and accessible MRO information.

Our NMA Dictionary has been developed over the past 25 years by industry and commodity domain experts in support of MRO professionals who procure, manage, supply and utilize millions of MRO items on a daily basis.

Tangible & Sustainable Benefits

MRO Digital Asset Services

Take your data to the next level by incorporating digital assets that unlock your MRO data's full potential.
Let us help you build a clean and complete MRO Materials Catalog.
We can harvest digital assets such as: