MRO Data Collection

We help organizations across the globe develop rich and actionable EAM master data.

Developing clean, structured equipment, MRO and bill of material master data lays the right foundation for rich EAM reporting and analysis.

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MRO Data Collection - Equipment Master Development, Bill of Materials Development, MRO Materials Development

Quickly build high-quality EAM master data with our Master Data Development Services.

We utilize web-based data collection tools, industry standards, domain expertise, and proprietary libraries to help clients build better data faster.

All data is captured in an electronic format.

All data is standardized.

All data is normalized for easy loading to your ERP/EAM/CMMS.

Analyze your Inventory Data

Equipment Master Development

We help organizations develop world-class equipment masters, able to perform onsite walkdown and equipment identification. You will develop hierarchy, capture nameplate information and images, and establish SMD naming conventions, codes, classifications, failure codes, barcoding, categories and criticalities.

MRO Materials Development

We help organizations develop world-class MRO material masters and perform parts identification and onsite walkdowns, as well as establish/ reconcile inventory locations, collect manufacturer information, develop SMD naming conventions, barcoding, physical count and identify potential obsolescence.

Bill of Materials Development

We help organizations build BOMs! We electronically scrape O & M manuals and recommended spare parts lists to develop a bill of material for each piece of equipment, reducing downtime by connecting each piece of equipment to its spare parts.

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MRO Data Collection

Master data plays a critical role in the software’s success. Developing clean, structured and comprehensive master data provides the right foundation for your EAM operation.

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MRO Data Cleansing

Missing MRO part information, duplicate entries, and inconsistent descriptions make it impossible to retrieve accurate, actionable information from your EAM/ERP.

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MRO Analytics

We analyze historical data, while taking into account operationally critical materials, to help you identify the optimum level of MRO inventory to maintain. Save money & reduce downtime.

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SwainSmith's Solutions work with all ERP/EAM/CMMS Platforms

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