MRO Data Cleansing

Low-quality MRO data is preventing your EAM system from delivering results.

Missing MRO part information, duplicate entries, and inconsistent codes make it impossible to retrieve accurate, actionable information from your EAM software system.

You need to clean up your data, and to get the most out of doing so, get it done efficiently with our quality research and meticulous coding libraries.

Got SAP? No problem, we specialize in cleansing SAP material masters.

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Clean, structured MRO materials data is the key to an effective EAM system.

EAM software is often blamed for these problems, when the real culprit is bad master data and coding structures. Let us show you what a difference MRO Data Cleansing can make.

Cleansing your MRO Data will help:

Make your EAM software easier to use.

Get the information your managers need to run operations.

Rely on reports from the software system to be complete and accurate.

See what cleansed, standardized, and classified MRO materials data looks like.

MRO Data Cleansing is the answer, when it's done right.


We identify duplicate records so you have only one catalog entry for each item. This improves reporting and eliminates duplicate inventory.

Spelling, Syntax Cleanup

We fix typos, spelling mistakes, improper syntax, and other errors, making it easier to find records when you search for them.


We standardize part descriptions using our proprietary Noun-Modifier-Attribute Dictionary containing over 4,100 noun-modifier pairs.

Vendor Name, Item Number

We standardize the vendor name and item number using industry information.


We assign commodity and class codes using unique MRO taxonomies, giving you more ways to segment and analyze your data.

Data Enrichment

We fill in missing information, such as technical specifications, using data from the manufacturer and industry libraries.

Manufacturer Name, Item Number

We standardize the manufacturer name and item number using data from the manufacturer.

Data Validation

We attempt to validate each item against OEM data and provide you with a link to specifications that includes pictures and other necessary information.

UNSPSC Assignment

We match each item with its UNSPSC code and description, mapping your data to a global standard.

Keep your data squeaky clean with our Quality Data Manager™ (QDM).

QDM is a cloud-based DIY MRO data cleansing system that:

Has a library of over 4,100 noun-modifier pairs.

Uses a 2-tier classification scheme.

Provides a Google punch-out to web scrape missing attributes.

Simplifies MRO data collection and setup.

Exports to XLS format for importing to your EAM/CMMS system.

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MRO Data Collection QDM Quality Data Manager

All MRO data cleansing clients receive complimentary access to our QDM platform.

MRO Data Collection

Master data plays a critical role in the software’s success. Developing clean, structured and comprehensive master data provides the right foundation for your EAM operation.

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MRO Data Cleansing

Missing MRO part information, duplicate entries, and inconsistent descriptions make it impossible to retrieve accurate, actionable information from your EAM/ERP.

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MRO Data Analysis

We analyze historical data, while taking into account operationally critical materials, to help you identify the optimum level of MRO inventory to maintain. Save money & reduce downtime.

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