MRO Data Services

Lower MRO costs and reduce equipment downtime with our MRO Data Services.

We help clients organize and rationalize their MRO data.

Our MRO Data Collection, Cleansing, and Analysis Services get your MRO data working for you. A win/win for Maintenance and the MRO Supply Chain.

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Our MRO Data Services help the MRO Supply Chain be more effective and efficent.

MRO Data Collection

Master data is the primary building block of the EAM software system. It plays a critical role in the software’s success. Developing clean, structured and comprehensive master data provides the right foundation for your EAM operation.

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All data is captured in an electronic format.
All data is standardized.
All data is normalized for easy loading to your ERP/EAM/CMMS.

MRO Data Cleansing

Missing MRO part information, duplicate entries, and inconsistent descriptions make it impossible to retrieve accurate, actionable information from your EAM/ERP software system. To gain the full benefits, clean up your data with our quality research and meticulous coding structures.

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Remove duplicates.
Fix spelling and syntax.
Standardize, classify, validate and enrich the data.
Match each item with its UNSPSC code.

MRO Data Analysis

We analyze historical data, while taking into account operationally critical materials, to help you identify the optimum level of MRO inventory to maintain. This saves the organization money and downtime, serving as a win/win for Maintenance and the MRO Supply Chain.

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Drives down MRO costs.
Reduces time-to-repair.
Boosts maintenance productivity.
Improves asset bill of materials.

See what cleansed, standardized, and classified MRO materials data looks like.

SwainSmith's Solutions work with all ERP/EAM/CMMS Platforms

Oracle, IBM Maximo, Infor EAM, Bigfoot, IFS, SAP