MRO Data Cleansing

MRO Data Cleansing

Boost Your Bottom Line with Clean & Standardized MRO Data

Don’t let dirty MRO data slow down your operations. Our ISO-compliant data cleansing services guarantee increased efficiency and improved results.

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3 Steps to MRO Data Success

Data Collection

User our free data collection tools to identify and close all the gaps in your MRO materials data.

Data Cleansing

SwainSmith's comprehensive Data Cleansing process ensures you achieve a complete and accurate data foundation for MRO management.

Data Governance

The value of Data Collection and Cleansing won't last without the means to maintain it. Our data governance tools are the essential last step for long term MRO management success.

Our High-Quality MRO Data Means Savings!

MRO Data Cleansing the SwainSmith Way


We identify duplicate records so you have only one catalog entry for each item. This improves reporting and eliminates duplicate inventory.


We standardize the vendor name and item number using industry information.


We normalize the manufacturer name and item number using data from the manufacturer.


We fix typos, spelling mistakes, improper syntax, and other errors, making it easier to find records when you search for them.


We assign commodity and class codes using unique MRO taxonomies, giving you more ways to segment and analyze your data.


We attempt to validate each item against OEM data and provide you with a URL link to specifications that includes pictures and other necessary information.


We standardize part descriptions using our proprietary Noun-Modifier-Attribute Dictionary containing over 4,100 noun-modifier pairs.


We fill in missing information, such as technical specifications, using data from the manufacturer and industry libraries. We can add images and cut (specification) sheets as well.


UNSPSC, eClass, etc. code and description, mapping your data to a global standard.

MRO Data Cleansing Features

Cleaning MRO data since 1999. Over 4,000,000 SKUs optimized. Our tools, libraries, and domain expertise can transform your dirty data into a high-performance MRO material master.

MRO Digital Asset Services

Take your data to the next level by incorporating digital assets that unlock your MRO data's full potential.
Let us help you build a clean and complete MRO Materials Catalog.
We can harvest digital assets such as: