We help asset-intensive organizations across the globe develop rich and actionable EAM information.

Advanced Services

Leverage SwainSmith’s expertise to achieve EAM improvements more quickly and effectively.

SwainSmith’s Advanced Services are designed to transfer essential knowledge and expertise across your organization. To equip you with the keys to the EAM kingdom — instead of a never-ending dependence on expensive outside solutions and services.

Accelerate and Integrate you EAM Initiatives

EAM Audit
MRO Data Cleansing
Clean, structured MRO materials data is the key to an effective asset management system.

SwainSmith’s detailed and fully-researched MRO Data Cleansing process restores the integrity and usefulness of your EAM system’s information. Then maintain it with our customizable Quality Data Manager™ platform.
ISO 55000 Alignment
ISO 55000 Alignment™
Aligning to ISO 55000 enables an organization to achieve its objectives through the effective and efficient management of its physical assets.

Quickly empower your EAM technology with the ISO 55000-compliant processes and standards provided by SwainSmith’s comprehensive and cloud-based Synergy™ EAM Optimization platform.
Master Data Development
MRO Data Development
Comprehensive MRO Data Development services to help you maximize the value of your EAM software.

Our expertise in MRO Data Development will help you quickly establish the right foundation for your EAM/CMMS system.

Not sure where to start? Let us take a no-obligation look at your data and provide some ideas for improvement.

Synergy(TM) Customization
EAM Model Development
What’s better than Synergy™, the industry-leading EAM framework? It could only be Synergy™ customized, implemented and developed specifically for your facility.

We make Synergy™ yours. From modifying Synergy™ practices to fit your unique operation, to branding and hosting options that give you the results of a custom-built solution for a fraction of the cost and weeks instead of years of development.