Give Maintenance a Boost with Documented Asset Management Best Practices

Maintenance process

Every asset-intensive operation needs documented maintenance business processes. Documented processes are tangible. You can point to them and say, “This is what we do.” That kind of stability is critical in today’s fast-moving, always-changing maintenance environment.

Why You Need Documented Maintenance Processes

  • They formalize activities and convey intent.
  • They identify who does what, and when.
  • They establish a standard to audit against.
  • They keep business practices consistent when technicians come and go.
  • They simplify training by providing documented training materials.

Developing Maintenance Process Documentation

Business processes must identify certain information for each activity:

  • What is it?
  • Who executes it?
  • Where does the process take place?
  • When does it happen?
  • Why do we do it?

In addition to the above information, business processes should include process flow maps with role swim lanes that identify how roles will coordinate to execute a given activity. Process flow maps provide a high-level overview of key activities. Business processes should also include step-by-step procedures, which are more specific and break down an activity into key tasks.

Jump-Starting Your Documentation Effort

If you need help developing industry-proven asset management business processes, our team of seasoned consultants is ready to assist. We employ our EAM Playbook, which is the industry’s largest library of industry-proven asset management processes, to jump-start your documentation effort.

Contact us to see how our tools and expertise can give your maintenance operation a boost.