Equipment Problem-Failure-Action-Cause Codes

Lower equipment downtime with the industry’s largest asset class-based failure code registry.

SwainSmith’s Problem–Failure-Action-Cause Codes provide operations with vital insights into equipment failures. Our equipment failure codes are class-specific, so you get deep and precise EAM/CMMS information about where problems originate, which components fail, how they were fixed, and why they failed.

Jump-start your RCM initiative and start improving asset reliability with…

19,000+ Problem–Failure–Codes in a flat and fault-tree format

200,000+ equipment failure relationships

530 distinct equipment classes

Accessing our Problem-Failure-Action-Cause Codes is easy and online.

Subscribers can download the codes directly to an XLS file for importing to their EAM/CMMS system.

Our Problem-Failure-Action-Cause Code registry is updated periodically.

Subscribers always have access to new codes and conventions.

Problem–Failure-Action-Cause Codes improve asset reliability!

Problem Codes identify the initial problem you are having with a piece of equipment. For example, leaking, vibrating, not working, etc.

Failure Codes identify what caused the problem. For example, bearing failed, seal worn, bushing damaged, etc.

Action Codes identify the action the technician took to fix the issue. For example, repaired, replaced, etc.

Cause Codes identify the first cause of equipment failure.

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    Know when it will happen again. Using the asset’s work history record, accurately determine the optimum maintenance schedule.

    Equipment Class, Problem Reasons, Failure Reasons Chart

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