Enterprise Asset Management Playbook™

The Enterprise Asset Management Playbook is a complete ISO 55000-compliant Asset Management System. Use our Playbook to build yours!

Quickly access the industry’s most comprehensive digital library of enterprise asset management practices, processes, and procedures.

Strategic Enterprise Asset Management Plan (SAMP)

Work Identification | Planning | Scheduling | Completion Processes

Maintenance Best Practices

EAM & CMMS Coding Structures

Enterprise Asset Management & MRO Policies

MRO Procurement Standards

MRO Materials Management | Storeroom Operations Procedures

Reliability & Failure Analysis

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    SwainSmith helps organizations across the globe develop high performance MRO data.

    The Challenge

    Business processes drive quality EAM transactional data. Without well-defined, documented business processes, EAM data and analysis will suffer. Maintenance is left using an EAM system that is not delivering the right information. Like the old saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out”.

    The Solution

    Our Enterprise Asset Management Playbook delivers documented, easily customizable, industry-proven ISO 55000-compliant practices, processes and procedures to help you quickly establish enterprise asset management best practices. Best practices lead to reliable data and improved EAM system analysis capabilities. See how our Enterprise Asset Management Playbook can improve EAM performance.


    SwainSmith's Solutions work with all ERP/EAM/CMMS Platforms

    Oracle, IBM Maximo, Infor EAM, Bigfoot, IFS, SAP