Implementing a World-Class MRO Storeroom

Implement Storeroom

Did you know that inefficient storeroom operations are the number one cause of maintenance delay? When technicians can’t find the parts they need, or when a part is

out of stock and has to be ordered, maintenance productivity plummets. (And even worse, it increases the MTTR of critical production equipment.)

Plus, a bad storeroom is a money pit. Insufficient inventory causes costly rush orders and equipment downtime. Excess inventory ties up working capital, often on parts that are obsolete or no longer needed. Even if you have the optimum amount of inventory, if you can’t find a part when you need it, you’ll end up ordering another one.

At SwainSmith, we help clients implement world-class storeroom operations. A world-class storeroom operation boosts maintenance productivity, improves MTTR, and increases equipment uptime by making sure the right part is available when and where it’s needed.

But that’s not all. Improving your storeroom operation is the quickest way to slash costs and free up working capital. As we like to say, “The dough is in MRO.” Fixing your storeroom can significantly reduce material maintenance costs.

Implementing a world-class storeroom takes four things:

  • Great storeroom design and setup. (Storage media, barcoding system, etc.)
  • Clean, accurate, standardized MRO materials data.
  • Best practices for materials management. (Picking, kitting, delivery, etc.)
  • Easy-to-use, properly configured EAM software.

SwainSmith’s storeroom services cover all four areas. We provide everything you need – storeroom design and setup, MRO data development, industry-proven practices, software configuration, and more – to whip your storeroom into shape.

If you want to save money, go after MRO. It’s the low-hanging fruit in the asset management operation. And on top of saving money, you’ll increase maintenance productivity and equipment uptime. It’s a win-win for your organization. So we’ll say it one more time: if your goal is to boost equipment performance and reduce maintenance costs, start by implementing a world-class storeroom operation.

If we can help you develop a world-class MRO storeroom operation contact us for details.