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We help clients optimize the performance
of their Hexagon EAM software system.

Since 1997, we have been helping organizations implement Hexagon EAM software while accomplishing the heavy lifting of improving business processes, master data, reporting, integration, training, and organization.

Our integrated approach brings Hexagon EAM together with industry-proven, best practice standards. We can make Hexagon EAM perform for you.

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Hexagon EAM Consulting

We help organizations optimize EAM system performance.

SwainSmith's Clients

SwainSmith’s five-step process will get Hexagon EAM creating the data you need to improve performance.

1. Assessment

Success starts here. Our proprietary assessment process measures your Hexagon EAM system against industry best practices and performance benchmarks to identify gaps and establish a baseline for improvement.

Key-question interviews, documentation review, data analysis, and observation provide 439 key measurements across 25 operational segments. Knowing where you stand is the first step to achieving industry-standard best practices for Infor EAM.

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2. Design

Establish the “To Be” state. Create a clear, detailed blueprint for the operational standards you want to attain.

The critical elements that drive EAM success are processes, master data, coding structures, roles and responsibilities, and key performance indicators. Our deep knowledge of Hexagon EAM and best practices speeds up the design process and ensures a solid foundation to build on.

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3. Implementation

Time to implement the design. Where the rubber meets the road. Clean up toxic data structures, roll out and integrate best practices, train users on new tools and go-forward procedures.

Our training support covers software use, standard operating procedures, best practices, go-live and start-up assistance. We are there to help every step of the way.

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4. Analytics

Access insights quickly and easily with reports, dashboards, and scorecards. Get the business intelligence you need to make fact-based EAM decisions.

Once your Hexagon EAM system is generating rich and accurate data, you’re ready to start measuring and analyzing. We’ll help you develop actionable operational, cost and budget, asset reliability and KPI reporting.

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5. Auditing

An effective continuous-improvement loop creates big gains over time. Use Swain-Smith’s Value Map™ Assessment to ensure you never stop discovering opportunities to increase productivity, reduce costs and sustain operational excellence.

Bad habits have a tendency to reassert themselves. Systematic auditing helps ensure you stay on track with current objectives and identify high-value future initiatives.

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SwainSmith has been helping clients create value with Hexagon EAM for more than 24 years. Contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute discussion of your business challenges and needs.