Problem-Failure Codes

Problem-Failure Codes

Enhance Asset Reliability with the Industry's Leading ISO-Compliant Problem-Failure Code Registry

Problem-Failure Codes

Achieving optimal asset reliability is critical to operational efficiency and cost management. You can significantly improve your asset maintenance strategies and outcomes by leveraging the industry’s largest ISO-compliant problem-failure code registry.

Problem-Failure Code Registry Features:
Problem-Failure-Action-Cause Codes
0 +
Failure Relationships
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Distinct Equipment Classes

Key Benefits

Forget the lengthy development process. Build on our foundation and cut development time by 80%. Our failure code registry speeds up your initiative and gives you a rock-solid foundation for EAM/CMMS reliability reporting and analysis.

Know your equipment: past, present, and future.

Utilize Problem-Failure Codes to access precise information about where problems originate and which components fail. Roll this data up by cost and frequency. Leverage this information to reduce unplanned equipment downtime.


Know what happened. Gain vital insights into corrective maintenance activities. Zero in on asset failures based on equipment class, problem, and failure reason.


Know how much it costs in time and money. Discover which action was taken, how frequently, and at what cost.


Know when it will happen again. Using the asset’s work history record, accurately determine the optimum maintenance schedule.


Joining the EAM Library is simple.

We offer lifetime and annual subscription plans with multiple user accounts and continuous updates.