Enterprise Asset Management Playbook™

The industry’s most comprehensive collection of ISO 55000-compliant enterprise asset management practices, processes, and procedures.

Great EAM data begins with great maintenance and MRO supply chain business processes. We have them.

Download the Enterprise Asset Management Playbook™ Table of Contents. See for yourself what a complete organizational Enterprise Asset Management System is made of.

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The Challenge

Business processes drive quality EAM transactional data (i.e., work orders, MRO material usage, etc.). Without well-defined, documented business processes, EAM data and analysis will suffer. Maintenance is left using an EAM system that is not delivering the right information. Like the old saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out”.

The Solution

Our Enterprise Asset Management Playbook delivers documented, easily customizable, industry-proven ISO 55000-compliant practices, processes and procedures to help you quickly establish enterprise asset management best practices. Best practices lead to great data and improved EAM system analysis capabilities. See how our Enterprise Asset Management Playbook can improve EAM performance.

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Utilize our Enterprise Asset Management Playbook to help develop your enterprise asset management playbook. Our comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management Playbook canvasses the entire enterprise asset management value chain. No stone is left unturned.

Strategic Enterprise Asset Management Plans

Asset Initialization | Coding Standards

Work Identification & Control | Planning | Scheduling | Completion

Preventive Maintenance & Predictive Maintenance

Shutdown Coordination

Reliability Engineering & Failure Analysis

MRO Materials Management | Storeroom Operations | Inventory Optimization

MRO Procurement | Contracting

Work & MRO Supply Chain Coordination

Accounting Coordination

Standardize enterprise asset management and speed up the EAM/CMMS implementation effort with the Enterprise Asset Management Playbook.

Operating Model for EAM Systems - Business Practices, Processes, Procedures

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Easily download content.

All documentation is in MS Word, Excel and Visio formats.

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Value Map Assessment
Value Map Assessment

Our interactive and comprehensive VMA tool creates a roadmap for achievement by identifying gaps between your EAM operation and industry-proven and accepted standards.

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Master Data Catalog

At the core of every high-performance EAM system is master data. Develop rich and actionable EAM master data with our Master Data Catalog. The industry’s most comprehensive EAM master data framework.

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Asset Management Playbook
EAM Playbook

Does your asset management operation have a game plan? An SOP for how it manages its assets? It should. Use our ISO 55000 compliant Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Playbook to build and improve yours.

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Quality Data Manager
Quality Data Manager

Develop and maintain a clean and structured MRO material master. Collect and normalize MRO data to create a high-performance MRO material master.

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