EAM Library Overview

Make CMMS Smarter

The EAM Library is your digital resource for analysis, training, best practices, and ISO-compliant master data standards — the keys to making EAM/CMMS better.


The EAM Library Delivers what the CMMS is Missing.

The EAM/CMMS, off the shelf, lacks industry codes, business processes, and master data elements to deliver its full potential. As a result, reporting and analysis suffer. The EAM Library improves the CMMS, providing the standards that create high-quality data.


The EAM Library provides naming conventions, noun/modifier dictionaries, and classification structures to help standardize and enrich master data sets. This leads to improved system sorting, grouping, and reporting capabilities.

EAM Maturity Assessment

How do you determine what goals to set, timelines to aim for, or even standards to measure against? The EAM Library’s Maturity Assessment tool helps you measure your operation against industry-proven practices and reveals areas where you can create tangible results.

EAM Playbook

Getting everyone on the same page can be difficult. With our industry-accepted business processes, you can develop a company-wide game plan, formalize policies, standardize work, optimize MRO materials management, improve purchasing, and achieve successful outcomes. Our EAM Playbook helps organizations manage their assets in a standard and proven manner.

EAM Best Training Content 

Download and customize our ISO-compliant training materials to train your organization on best practices. Get 40 lessons and over 400 PowerPoint slides with quizzes.

Equipment Failure Codes 

Problem-Failure-Action-Cause Codes provide maintenance with vital insights into corrective maintenance activities. Our equipment failure codes are class-specific, so you get deep and precise information about where problems originate, which components are failing, and why and how they were fixed.

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