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The EAM Library is the premier source for best practices in asset management, offering ISO-compliant master CMMS data standards and coding frameworks.

CMMS companies can rebrand and market the EAM Library as their own, utilizing its rich content and tools to boost software and service sales, all while delivering unparalleled value to their clients.
What is the EAM Library?
The industry's most comprehensive resource of ISO-compliant user codes, proven work processes, KPIs, best practice training content, and assessment tools. These elements enhance EAM/CMMS performance, and they can all be yours and available to your clients. In a crowded marketplace, use the EAM Library to differentiate your solution.

EAM Maturity Assessment

How do you determine what goals to set, timelines to aim for, or even standards to measure against? The EAM Library’s Maturity Assessment tool helps you measure your operation against industry-proven practices and reveals areas where you can make tangible improvements.

EAM Playbook

Getting everyone on the same page can be difficult. With our industry-accepted business processes, you can develop a company-wide game plan, formalize policies, standardize work, optimize MRO materials management, improve purchasing, and achieve successful outcomes. Our EAM Playbook helps organizations manage their assets in a standard and proven manner.

Best Practices Training

EAM Best Training Content 

Download and customize our ISO-compliant training materials to train your organization on best practices. Get access to 40 lessons and over 400 PowerPoint slides with quizzes.

Problem-Failure Codes

Equipment Failure Codes 

Problem-Failure-Action Codes provide maintenance with vital insights into corrective maintenance activities. Our equipment failure codes are class-specific, so you get deep and precise information about where problems originate, which components are failing, and why and how they were fixed.

Benefits to Your Clients
Why should your clients struggle to develop codes and processes from scratch? With the EAM Library, they gain access to industry best practices that ensure successful implementations right from the start.
Why Partners with Us?
By teaming up with us, you can rebrand the EAM Library, seamlessly integrating it into your product lineup. We provide quarterly updates and customize the content to perfectly align with the industries you serve and the unique configuration of your EAM/CMMS. We offer:
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