Dirty, Rotten MRO Data

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is a comedy about two con men trying to settle their rivalry by betting on who can swindle a young American heiress out of $50,000. It didn’t work. They are the ones that get fleeced at the end. It’s not much different with dirty, rotten MRO data, except for the fact the data is doing the swindling.


Dirty, rotten MRO data costs organizations money. When a maintenance technician can’t find a part in the system because the part description is incorrect, this means the storeroom “crib crawl”, lost productivity, frustration, and more downtime.


Dirty MRO data comes in all forms: duplicate records, inconsistent classifications, and incomplete descriptions, to name a few. All of these MRO data issues drive up costs. Dirty data also means suspect reporting. Without good information, making informed decisions and creating MRO savings is tough.


Alternatively, clean, standardized, and complete MRO data makes it easier to find parts, increases wrench time, improves reporting, and reduces downtime. With great MRO data, you can…

  • Segment your MRO spending into commodity baskets, build supplier purchase agreements, and achieve unit cost reductions.

  • Determine the right inventory level to maintain. Making the best use of the organization’s working capital is critical; don’t let dirty MRO data drive inventory up.  
  • Locate parts quicker and reduce the time the equipment is down. This is a big deal when a critical asset has failed.

  • Provide transparency and clarity to MRO procurement. You know with certainty what the organization is buying.

  • Increase maintenance wrench time. Great MRO data make a technician’s job a lot easier. A clean part master speeds up corrective maintenance activities. Parts are the #1 maintenance delay. Don’t let dirty MRO data be the cause of it.

  • Supercharge reporting and analysis. Clean MRO data makes KPIs work. It lets you identify obsolescence, excess materials, etc., and go after savings.
  • Make the EAM/CMMS/ERP system easier and faster to use. Get better system buy-in with clean MRO data.

There are many hard-dollar benefits to clean and standardized MRO data. From reduced downtime to increases in productivity and lower MRO costs, it is a target-rich environment of opportunities. Great MRO data unlocks MRO savings and puts the organization on a path to reduce and avoid unnecessary costs. 

See below examples of cleansed, normalized, and enhanced MRO data.

Most organizations know if their MRO data is dirty, they have felt the effects but may not have the time and resources to fix it. This is where SwainSmith can help.

We have been cleansing MRO data for over 25 years. Our tools, libraries, and domain expertise can turn your dirty MRO data into a high-performance MRO material master. Check out our cleansing services. Don’t let dirty, rotten MRO data swindle you. If you get your MRO data right, the organization, like the heiress, will win.   

If your MRO data needs a little cleaning, contact us. We will clean 100 records for free. You can see if our MRO data cleansing services are right for you.

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