Clean MRO Data Means Savings

5 Reasons You Need Clean MRO Data

In an asset intensive world, timely reactions to every aspect of overall operations are key. When there is something that needs to be done in order to continue or increase the production capability or service levels, it is essential to find and implement the necessary materials (i.e., spare parts) on time in order to achieve the target. However, in many cases, the aim is not actually accomplished, mainly due to MRO (Materials, Repair, Operations) data integrity. If there is a mismanaged inventory database or if the accuracy of its data is in question, it will pose a considerable challenge to execute the target timeframes. This will then translate to the following negative scenarios:

  • Increased operational costs
  • Extension of unplanned equipment downtime
  • Reduction of maintenance productivity levels

Cleansed MRO Data

In order to prevent such scenarios, you need cleansed MRO data, structured, and complete. Since most manufacturing companies already have MRO data, it just needs to be cleansed in order to produce value from it.

Here are five reasons why an organization should have clean and consistent MRO materials data:

1. Clean MRO data makes it easier to find parts. Finding the correct spare parts in a simpler way could help reduce the repair time of the equipment. On average, 20% to 30% of the time spent by technicians is searching for the parts, while the completion of the needed work cannot be done 50% of the time because they are actually waiting for the parts. If MRO data is cleansed, classified, and organized, the repair time would be greatly reduced, thereby increasing the uptime of the affected equipment.

2. Clean MRO data can reduce purchasing costs. Having clean and dependable MRO data can help in defining the negotiated contract pricing of each commodity down to the item level. It can even capture any rebate opportunity, thereby providing the best efficiency for the purchasing costs.

3. Clean MRO data can reduce inventory levels and eliminate duplicate inventories. With complete and accurate MRO data sets, the visibility of inventories could be available across the enterprise and related users. This improves inventory awareness, giving the opportunity to reduce inventory levels by 20% to 30%.

4. Clean MRO data can improve maintenance productivity and efficiency. With a clean and organized MRO data, maintenance technicians would be able to accomplish more and perform their tasks faster. This is due to the fact that one of the highest contributors to consuming time, finding spare parts, will be reduced. “No more storeroom crib craw!”

5. Clean MRO data improves reporting and makes the EAM/CMMS system easier to use. Let’s face it, even with a centralized system, it could be hard to implement, especially when the data is inconsistent and does not adhere to a set of standards. As a result, users get frustrated and system reporting suffers. With clean MRO data, the EAM/CMMS will be easier to deploy, and MRO analysis will improve.

Clean MRO data drives improvement across many facets of the operation, including reduced equipment downtime, lower MRO costs, and improved maintenance efficiencies. Take action today to improve your MRO materials data.

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