Asset Management Systems

ISO 55000 Made Easy

An Asset Management System is a game plan for asset management. It consists of the practices, processes and procedures used by an organization to achieve its objectives. An Asset Management System is not software – however, it does help software perform better.

We help organizations design, implement and improve Asset Management Systems. Our domain expertise, ISO 55000 credentials, and proprietary content can build, deploy and improve a high performance, ISO 55000 compliant, Asset Management System for your organization.

Multi-site, asset intensive organizations need Asset Management Systems to create alignment, reduce risk and improve performance.

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Asset Management System Benefits

By adopting an AMS, organizations can quickly unlock more value from their EAM operation by:

Establishing best practices based on industry standards (ISO 55001 & PAS 55)

Optimizing ROI for physical assets and software (i.e. EAM, CMMS, ERP, etc.)

Improving risk management, HSE performance, and corporate governance

Boosting the bottom line by increasing productivity while reducing costs

SwainSmith helps organizations across the globe develop high performance MRO data.

SwainSmith's Solutions work with all ERP/EAM/CMMS Platforms

Oracle, IBM Maximo, Infor EAM, Bigfoot, IFS, SAP