Toxic MRO and EAM Data Drives Up Costs

Maximize profits and eliminate toxic data with our cutting-edge solutions.

The Tools and Expertise you need to keep the Operation Running Smoothly

Get rich and actionable MRO data with our scientific, best-in-class approach to data collection, cleansing, governance, and analysis.

Get the organization trained up on EAM and MRO best practices. Our live instructor-led and online self-guided training will quickly get everyone aligned  up to speed on enterprise asset management and MRO industry-proven and accepted standards. 

The industry's most comprehensive resource for best practices, master data standards, analysis, and CMMS codes. Speed up initiatives and quickly establish data, process, and performance management standards.


A strategic asset management plan is essential for guiding, focusing, and measuring your asset management efforts. It ensures your EAM aligns with your organization's goals. We help our clients build EAM strategic plans that deliver results.

We cover all the bases implementing Hexagon EAM from design to configuration to master data, testing, training, go-live, and improvement.
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Our unique approach to solving EAM & MRO challenges

The standard playbook for asset management is broken. SwainSmith takes a different approach to helping clients create and sustain actionable EAM & MRO information.

SwainSmith at a Glance

Yes, we offer the industry's most comprehensive ISO-compliant EAM/CMMS coding library. From failure codes to naming dictionaries to classification systems, we can structure your data and get your KPIs performing. Learn more 

Yes, we help organizations improve their asset management and MRO processes. Our libraries and domain experts can design your organization an industry-proven, ISO-compliant system that performs.  Learn more 

Yes, we offer training programs on best practices. Employees can learn online or in a live instructor-led environment. Expand your knowledge and earn course digital badges. Learn more.

Yes, we provide MRO data cleansing services. We can also help with data collection and governance processes as well. Try us out; we will clean 100 records for free. Learn more

Yes, we can help you build a game plan to keep the organization focused on best practices and continuous improvement. Learn more.